Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Armadillo? We'll do our best to answer them.


Does a FlexRoom have to be built onto a certain base?

•   Most of our clients choose to have a FlexRoom installed on a porch but you can install a free-standing FlexRoom anywhere. Before installation, you'll just need to construct a frame with posts to mount the FlexRoom support frame.

Do I need to prepare anything before installation?

•   Other than the frame/posts mentioned in Answer #1, nope. Place the order and the rest is our job.

Can I expand my FlexRoom™ once it's installed?

•   No, the existing frame cannot be expanded but you can add a new panel to make the FlexRoom™ bigger. Ex: You can add a 3 ft. panel to an existing 12 ft. panel wall to create a 15 ft. wall.

Can I change my FlexRoom™ wall material once it's installed

•   We're working on this. Stay tuned.


What if I want to take down my Armadillo walls?

•   Give us a call and schedule an appointment. We'll use special tools to remove the walls.
Under normal circumstances you won't need to take it down because you can just roll up the walls whenever you'd like an open space.

Using Armadillo:

Are the walls soundproof, from the inside and outside?

•   The walls aren't soundproof but they do provide moderate sound blocking.

Are there any gaps between the fabric and frame of the FlexRoom™?

•   No, the material fits perfectly into the frame, providing seamless walls.


What's the difference between a FlexRoom and FlexRoom Sukkah?

•   The only difference is the FlexRoom Sukkah comes with the option for schach ledges. Otherwise, it's the same innovative concept that you can enjoy year round.

What is a Sukkah?

•   A Sukkah is a temporary hut built for the Jewish holiday, celebrated in early fall. FlexRoom Sukka is an innovative concept that allows you to enjoy your Sukkah the entire year with the convenience of rolling the walls up and down.

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